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balls rolling

There was a strange clock in my house in a childhood. A silver ball falls into the ditch of the upper section one for one minute, and up to four form a line. When the fifth dropped, all the balls fall. And it is added one to a line under one step. As for the second step, one ball expresses five minutes, and up to 11, the third step are up to 11 in one an hour.
All those balls fall when it becomes just at 12:00.
It was a very pleasant clock, but the noise was very noisy in the middle of the night.
On August 11, 2014 in Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba.
ぼくが子供のころ、家には変わった時計がありました。 上段の溝に銀色のボールが1分に1つ落ちて、最大4こ並びます。 5個目が落ちるとボールは全部こぼれて、1段下に1つならびます。 2段目はボール1個が5分を表して最大11個、3段目は1時間に1つで最大11個です。